There are a number of excellent reasons people should purchase quality recycled Ford Car Parts from a Ford Parts Specialist. First of all is the obvious cost saving available to the consumer. Most parts are priced at around half the new Ford Dealership parts price. Then there is the quality, our Ford vehicle buyers have over 30 years of continuous service and have always prided themselves on buying the best quality vehicles available on the market. Our vehicles are sourced from a variety of auction houses, private and fleet vendors this means we have huge range of Ford Spares onsite at any one time. What about the environmental impact, fitting recycled ford parts to your vehicle is a direct approach to minimising your carbon footprint. Every time you walk into your Ford Dealership and pay for a new genuine ford part you are causing further emissions that are damaging to environment. What about the packaging your Ford Part comes in, we even recycle our packaging, all our quality used ford parts are cleaned checked and packaged for freight in used packaging, thats right used packaging, this is just another reason why using Recycled Ford Parts is the most cost effective and environmentally friendly way to fix your car.

These are some of the really obvious advantages to purchasing used auto parts, but what many customers dont realise about Ford Wreckers is that we offer some other fantastic advantages. We have all parts within reach at all times no obtaining from a holding yard or warehouse across the other side of Australia. Being a Ford parts specialist we have multiples of same or simillar parts meaning that on the off chance you are unhappy with your part we can exchange it immediately. This also has a benefit in vehicle trouble diagnosis with multiple auto parts available for testing onsite, for example you think you have an PCM (power train control module) We have all the parts and equipment onsite, you purchase the part and find it was not the PCM but a throttle body problem. No problem at all exchange it with our friendly staff for the correct part. Those of us that buy parts from a Ford Dealership know that its never that simple when buying new parts, with many being non exchange items.

Free Ford Parts, thats another reason, when you purchase a part from your Ford Parts Dealership you get that part and that part alone, for example a radiator support is exactly that a radiator support. When you buy a radiator support for your Ford you get the radiator support, the battery tray, the headlight pockets and the front bar support. When you add all these parts together they add up to a lot of money but we supply them free of charge. All doors come with door handles and hinges free of charge, this can save you hundreds even thousands of dollars over the life of a vehicle. When was the last time your Ford dealer gave you your new ford parts for free, every bolt every screw every washer is charged out to you the customer but not here, when you buy from Ford Wreckers you are helping us, you are helping your local community buy helping us to employ people and provide for Australian families, you are helping the environment and best of all you are helping yourself with the best quality best priced Ford Parts.