Finally ford fans the wait is over!!! No more trudging down to your local ford dealership to be held to ransom by expensive vehicle reprogramming costs.

Athol Park Ford Wreckers can reprogram your car from installing a new PCM (powertrain control module), reprogramming your vehicle keys to activating your Interior Command Centre. We have access to full datalogger capabilities and our staff are fully trained to interpret the information and give you the customer all the feedback you need to make the right decisions.

We are able to guarantee we will be cheaper than your dealership on any vehicle reprogramming. We also have all our quality second hand parts onsite which means that on most occasions there is no waiting around for parts and we are able to test and modify settings in a controlled environment.

So if you need an electronic module such as:

  • ABS Module (Brakes)
  • PCM Module (Engine)
  • RCM Module (airbag)
  • TCM Module (Transmission)
  • BEM Module (Body Electronics)
  • Instrument Cluster
  • HIM Module (Heater Interface)

Supplied fitted and programmed and want to save money we are without doubt your best option.

  • Likewise if you want to fit
  • Cruise Control
  • Bluetooth
  • Change tyre axle, diff ratio size
  • Activate or deactivate traction control/dynamic stability/abs
  • Remove speed limiter on FPV Vehicles.

We can do all these things for you and we reckon we do it better than any wrecker in Australia.