We are hearing from our Dealer partners than many are unable to activate cruise control on BA BF Ford Falcons, Athol Park Wreckers are still able to modify your powertrain control module software to accept speed control.  Come in and see us with your vehicle at our adelaide premises or we can supply and fit cruise control for you.  All work is guaranteed using dealer level programming software.

now if you are not sure how to use your cruise control read on

  1. Check Compatibility: Ensure your BA Falcon model is equipped with cruise control. This should be indicated on the vehicle’s features list or in the owner’s manual.
  2. Vehicle Preparation:
    • Start your BA Falcon and allow the engine to idle.
    • Ensure the vehicle is stationary with the parking brake engaged.
  3. Engage Cruise Control:
    • Locate the cruise control switch on the steering wheel or stalk. On most Falcons, it’s usually a button or lever with symbols indicating cruise control.
    • Press the cruise control switch to turn the system on. You should see a cruise control indicator light illuminate on the dashboard.
  4. Set Desired Speed:
    • Once cruise control is activated, accelerate your vehicle to the desired speed you wish to maintain.
    • Once at the desired speed, press the “Set” button on the cruise control stalk or steering wheel to set that speed. The vehicle should maintain this speed automatically.
  5. Adjust Speed:
    • Use the “+” (accelerate) and “-” (decelerate) buttons or lever on the cruise control stalk or steering wheel to adjust the set speed as needed.
  6. Deactivate Cruise Control:
    • To deactivate cruise control, press the brake pedal. This action will disengage the cruise control system.
    • Alternatively, you can press the cruise control switch again or turn off the ignition to deactivate cruise control.

Additional Tips:

  • Safety: Always ensure the road conditions are suitable for using cruise control, such as on highways or steady-speed driving conditions.
  • Practice: Familiarize yourself with how the cruise control functions on your specific BA Falcon model. This helps in efficiently utilizing the system.

Consult the Owner’s Manual:

For precise instructions tailored to your BA Falcon model year and any specific nuances, refer to the vehicle’s owner’s manual. It provides detailed information on the operation and programming of the cruise control system, ensuring proper setup and safe usage.