Athol Park Wreckers SA’s Best Ford Wreckers Its a big call we understand. We also understand that hearing businesses tell you they are special and different and better than the competition gets old after a while and more often than not its just hyperbole. Have you ever wanted to ask them to back it up?

Why are you better than your competition?
Industry standards and workplace systems are great but How can you help me?
How am i better off using your services than any other supplier?

Over the last 35 years we have soul searched and worked hard to learn the lessons that only many years in the automotive recycling industry can teach you. And here is how we try to help our customers.

Athol Park Wreckers SA’s Best Ford Wreckers have the answers here for you in black and white

  • Having the largest, best quality range of Ford Parts available anywhere –We buy the best cars, its true, we often pay a premium price for premium stock, you wont find any ex taxi’s in our yard, we love our customers too much to visit other peoples problems on them. With current model Falcons, Ranger, Transits, Kuga, Mondeo and Mustang GT in stock you would be hard pressed to find better salvage vehicle stock anywhere.
  • Honoring our word. -We offer a three month warranty on all parts, we stand by that warranty to the letter. If its in its in no arguments here, we will replace it or repair it as soon as possible. If you bring your car in to us for repair we will take all the care we can with it, if we make a mistake we will own up to it and fix it, end of story.
  • We have experience– Established in 1985 we have a wealth of experience in all Ford vehicles, if its happened to a Ford chances are we have seen it, with parts to try in stock we can usually assist you with the correct parts first time and fit it for you, we can offer you friendly advice on the safe diagnosis, installation and use of all our parts.
  • We love to learn– We have highly skilled staff that love to learn new skills, when a new model vehicle comes out we make it our business to learn everything we can about that vehicle, its operation, its common faults, quick fixes. We have access to workshop manuals, training information and we have a passion for our product, got a question ask us we love what we do and we love helping our customers resolve issues with their vehicles.
  • We have access– Bought a diesel engine from Athol Park Wreckers and need the injectors coded, no problem we can do that, bought a stereo and need it coded to your car, we will do that too at no charge to you. Bought a part thinking it would fix my problem and didn’t, we can help you resolve the problem.
  • We can do things no other parts supplier can do– From ZF 6 speed conversions, to full turbo installations, tailshaft rebuilds, sat nav and sync audio installations, Athol Park Wreckers has access to knowledge, module programming capability and stock levels are unmatched anywhere. We can program any module that your dealership can and with our extensive experience there are many things we can do your dealership wont, we offer PCM recalibration to remove Passive anti theft for vehicle conversion package usage. If it can be done with your Ford there is a very very good chance we can do it. Our HIM module replacements are affordable and parts are way cheaper than your local dealership all work is guaranteed and its a great way to save money.
  • Delivery– we offer free metropolitan courier delivery on our run twice a day from Athol Park Wreckers for our commercial workshop clients, freight costs to private customers are affordable and simply to arrange. We offer both nationwide and international freight to all of our customers and offer a range of flexible and affordable freight insurance options as well. We attempt to keep our freights prices as low as possible and dont charge surcharges for packaging or pallet returns.
  • We specialise– We know our product inside and out, we dont rely on a computer system to tell us what our parts can fit and what they cant. Got a questions ask we are only too happy to help. The automotive recycling industry as a whole has a seen a shift towards the generic, this means knowledge, information and service are becoming out of fashion but not here we truly are Athol Park Wreckers SA’s Best Ford Wreckers.

So thanks for reading these are just a few reasons why you should get in contact with us when you need advice or a part for your Ford, not just falcons but Mustang GT, Ranger, Mondeo, Focus, Transit and more.

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