TECH TIPS: Ford Territory unlocks itself after 10 minutes of being locked

Athol Park Wreckers are being asked regularly to supply and fit Body Control Modules in Ford Territorys with the symptom being that once the vehicle is locked after about 10 minutes later it will unlock itself.  Fitting a body control module has not rectified the issue in most vehicles and we have found the following issue in Ford territory vehicles.  The door wiring connectors plugged into the b pillar of the vehicle are prone to water ingress and can become corroded, this will in turn cause the vehicle to unlock itself, in most cases removing the connector and cleaning out the terminals will correct the issue.

see picture for more information.

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yet another reason to trust your Ford Territory to a specialist.


We are hearing from our Dealer partners than many are unable to activate cruise control on BA BF Ford Falcons, Athol Park Wreckers are still able to modify your powertrain control module software to accept speed control.  Come in and see us with your vehicle at our adelaide premises or we can supply and fit cruise control for you.  All work is guaranteed using dealer level programming software.

now if you are not sure how to use your cruise control read on

  1. Check Compatibility: Ensure your BA Falcon model is equipped with cruise control. This should be indicated on the vehicle’s features list or in the owner’s manual.
  2. Vehicle Preparation:
    • Start your BA Falcon and allow the engine to idle.
    • Ensure the vehicle is stationary with the parking brake engaged.
  3. Engage Cruise Control:
    • Locate the cruise control switch on the steering wheel or stalk. On most Falcons, it’s usually a button or lever with symbols indicating cruise control.
    • Press the cruise control switch to turn the system on. You should see a cruise control indicator light illuminate on the dashboard.
  4. Set Desired Speed:
    • Once cruise control is activated, accelerate your vehicle to the desired speed you wish to maintain.
    • Once at the desired speed, press the “Set” button on the cruise control stalk or steering wheel to set that speed. The vehicle should maintain this speed automatically.
  5. Adjust Speed:
    • Use the “+” (accelerate) and “-” (decelerate) buttons or lever on the cruise control stalk or steering wheel to adjust the set speed as needed.
  6. Deactivate Cruise Control:
    • To deactivate cruise control, press the brake pedal. This action will disengage the cruise control system.
    • Alternatively, you can press the cruise control switch again or turn off the ignition to deactivate cruise control.

Additional Tips:

Consult the Owner’s Manual:

For precise instructions tailored to your BA Falcon model year and any specific nuances, refer to the vehicle’s owner’s manual. It provides detailed information on the operation and programming of the cruise control system, ensuring proper setup and safe usage.

We can fit a new centre bearing to your tailshaft while you wait!!

Athol Park Wreckers can supply and fit a new centre bearing to your Falcon or Ford Territory Tailshaft while your wait, With over 1000 tailshafts fixed you can be sure that it will be done right the first time.  BA BF FG Falcon sedans and utility are no problem as well as SX SY and SZ Ford Territory.  No need to book it in just bring the shaft down during opening hours and we will get it done on the spot, prices start at $200.00 with aftermarket CV joints, boot kits and univeral joint also available for purchase and fitment.




Necessity is the mother of invention increasing odometer readings and transmission wear on our vehicle have meant that Athol Park Wreckers has had to find the way to give our customers the very best quality replacement recycled transmissions, updated Torque converter clutch setting and shift solenoid strategy calibration in PX MK 2 Ranger Transmisson Control Modules mean that swapping MK 2 Transmissions into a PX ranger mk i vehicle without modifying the Transmission control module software calibration correctly can cause damaged to the newly fitted transmissions.


With access to Ford dealership level scan tools, aftermarket software and over 35 years of experience Athol Park Wreckers can sell, install and reprogram a low km PX Ranger or UA Everest Automatic transmission to your vehicle.


Already bought a transmission is it the wrong one?

Give us a call we can modify the vehicle to accept late model shift solenoid strategy and and avoid costly transmission damage to your vehicle. Adelaide’s largest and most experienced Ford Specialist dismantler.  We are the only dismantler in SA currently able to do this for you.  Dont be fooled.




Diagnosing a faulty common rail diesel injector can be challenging but here are some common symptoms and steps to help diagnose the issue. Athol Park Wreckers can supply second hand and new genuine injectors for your Ford Ranger, Mondeo, Transit, Transit Custom, Kuga, Escape.  All parts are guaranteed.Dieselinjector

Common Symptoms of a Faulty Common Rail Diesel Injector:

  1. Rough Idle: The engine may idle roughly or unevenly when one or more injectors are not functioning properly.
  2. Loss of Power: You may notice a significant loss of power, especially during acceleration.
  3. Increased Fuel Consumption: Faulty injectors can cause the engine to burn more fuel than usual.
  4. Smoke from Exhaust: Excessive smoke from the exhaust, particularly black or gray smoke, can indicate injector issues.
  5. Misfire: The engine might misfire, especially under load or at higher RPMs.

Steps to Diagnose:

  1. Check for Fault Codes: Use a diagnostic scanner to retrieve any fault codes related to the fuel injectors. These codes can provide clues about which injector or circuit is malfunctioning.
  2. Cylinder Contribution Test: Many diagnostic tools can perform a cylinder contribution test. This test helps identify if all cylinders are contributing equally to engine power. A significant deviation in power contribution from one cylinder could indicate a faulty injector.
  3. Visual Inspection: Inspect the injectors for any signs of physical damage or leaks. Look for fuel leaks around the injector body or in the engine compartment.
  4. Listen for Abnormal Noises: Sometimes, faulty injectors can make a clicking or tapping noise. Use a mechanic’s stethoscope or a long screwdriver placed against the injector body and listen for any abnormal sounds during engine operation.
  5. Inspect Fuel System: Check the fuel system for proper pressure and flow. Low fuel pressure can lead to injector issues.
  6. Balance Rate Test: This test, if supported by your diagnostic tool, measures the difference in fuel delivery between each injector. Significant variations could indicate a problem with one or more injectors.
  7. Injector Leakage Test: Perform a leak-down test to check if the injector is holding pressure correctly when closed. Excessive leakage indicates a faulty injector.
  8. Professional Diagnostics: If you’re unsure or unable to pinpoint the issue, consider taking the vehicle to a professional mechanic or a dealership with experience in diesel engines. They can perform more advanced diagnostics and testing using specialized equipment.


Diagnosing a faulty common rail diesel injector requires a systematic approach combining visual inspection, diagnostic tools, and possibly professional expertise. Identifying the specific injector causing issues is crucial for effective repair and maintenance of your diesel engine’s performance and efficiency. Contact us at Athol Park Wreckers if you need help diagnosing and repairing your Ford Common Rail vehicle.


Athol Park Wreckers Jpg 1 Imagefortag9014243349909984225.image Vehiclexml8300070873066527825.image


Athol Park Wreckers are experiencing heavy demand for Ford Mondeo 6DCT450 replacement transmission. These transmissions are a dual wet clutch transmission, during this article we will discuss the operation of these transmissions.  We have been diagnosing supplying and fitting these transmission for a long time and thought our wonderful customers would benefit from having more product information to assist them with their decision making process.

The 6DCT450 transmission, also known as the Ford Powershift transmission, is a dual-clutch transmission developed by Getrag and used in various Ford vehicles, including the Ford Mondeo. Here’s an overview of its operation:

  1. Dual-Clutch System: The 6DCT450 transmission utilizes two separate clutches, one for odd-numbered gears (1, 3, 5) and another for even-numbered gears (2, 4, 6). This setup allows for smoother and quicker shifts compared to traditional automatic transmissions.
  2. Automatic Operation: While it’s technically a manual transmission, the 6DCT450 operates automatically, meaning there’s no need for the driver to manually engage and disengage gears or operate a clutch pedal. Instead, the transmission’s control unit manages gear changes based on driving conditions and driver input.
  3. Gear Selection: The transmission selects gears based on factors such as vehicle speed, engine load, throttle input, and driving mode. It can pre-select the next gear to facilitate smooth and quick gear changes.
  4. Shift Quality: The dual-clutch design enables faster shifts compared to traditional automatic transmissions. This results in smoother acceleration and better fuel efficiency.
  5. Driving Modes: Some versions of the 6DCT450 transmission may offer different driving modes such as Normal, Sport, or Eco. These modes adjust shift points and throttle response to suit different driving preferences and conditions.
  6. Manual Mode: Many vehicles equipped with the 6DCT450 transmission also offer a manual shift mode, allowing the driver to manually select gears using paddle shifters or a sequential shifter. In manual mode, the driver has more control over gear selection, which can be useful for situations such as driving on steep inclines or for a more engaging driving experience.
  7. Maintenance: Like any transmission, regular maintenance is important to ensure longevity and optimal performance. This may include fluid changes, filter replacements, and software updates as recommended by the manufacturer.

It’s worth noting that while the 6DCT450 transmission offers many benefits in terms of performance and efficiency, it has also faced some issues in the past related to durability and reliability. Ford and Getrag have worked to address these issues through software updates and other improvements, but it’s essential for owners to stay informed about any potential recalls or technical bulletins related to their specific vehicle and transmission. Should you require a software update for your Ford Mondeo Athol Park Wreckers can assist.

The real question is what is wrong with my car and do i need a replacement transmission from Athol Park Wreckers.


Athol Park Wreckers Jpg 1 Imagefortag9014243349909984225.image Vehiclexml8300070873066527825.image


Diagnosing transmission issues with the Ford Mondeo equipped with the 6DCT450 dual-clutch transmission can be complex and may require specialized tools and expertise. Here are some common steps and potential issues to consider:

  1. Check for Error Codes: Use a diagnostic scanner to retrieve any error codes stored in the transmission control module (TCM) or engine control module (ECM). These codes can provide valuable clues about the nature of the problem.
  2. Fluid Level and Condition: Ensure the transmission fluid level is correct and that the fluid is clean and free of contaminants. Dirty or low fluid levels can cause various transmission problems.
  3. Transmission Solenoids: The 6DCT450 transmission uses solenoids to control gear engagement and shifting. Faulty solenoids can cause erratic shifting, slipping, or other transmission issues.
  4. Clutch Wear: Dual-clutch transmissions like the 6DCT450 have wet clutches that can wear over time. Excessive wear can cause slipping or harsh engagement. Inspecting the clutch discs and measuring their thickness can help determine their condition.
  5. Software Updates: Ford may release software updates to address known issues or improve transmission performance. Ensuring the transmission control module has the latest software installed can sometimes resolve problems.
  6. Mechatronic Unit: The mechatronic unit is the electronic control unit responsible for managing various functions of the transmission. Malfunctions in the mechatronic unit can cause a range of transmission problems.
  7. Mechanical Damage: Inspect the transmission housing, gears, and other components for signs of mechanical damage or wear. Physical damage can result from issues such as bearing failure, improper installation, or harsh driving conditions.
  8. Electrical Connections: Check all electrical connections to ensure they are secure and free of corrosion. Loose or damaged connections can cause intermittent electrical faults.
  9. Drive Cycle Test: Perform a drive cycle test to observe the transmission’s behavior under various operating conditions. Pay attention to symptoms such as rough shifting, hesitation, or abnormal noises.
  10. Professional Diagnosis: If you’re unable to identify the problem or if it requires specialized equipment, consider seeking assistance from a qualified mechanic or dealership with experience in diagnosing and repairing Ford transmissions.

A Common problem encountered with Mondeo 6dct450 transmission is broken clutch retainers, the nylon retainer obliterate and are promptly distributed throughout the transmission.  Whilst it is possible to repair or replace the clutch using special tools, ingress of debris may lodge in other parts of the transmission and cause further issues.

this problem we cause incorrect clutch touch point and engagement causing the transmission to be stuck in gear or out of gear, often no reverse is available.


if you have any further questions please feel free to give our friendly staff a call and we can make an appointment to inspect your vehicle.

Remember to follow safety precautions and consult the vehicle’s service manual for specific diagnostic procedures and specifications. Additionally, be prepared for the possibility of needing to replace components or perform more extensive repairs depending on the severity of the issue.

Vehicle dismantlers wanted at Athol Park Wreckers

Vehicle dismantlers wanted at Athol Park Wreckers. We are seeking car people, people that are passionate about cars and have experience in playing with, pulling apart, dismantling and refitting car parts. People that spend their weekends and evenings tinkering with cars.  Attractive salary and performance bonuses available.  Come work in a Family business where you are appreciated and never treated like a commodity.  Flexible working arrangements are not out of the question.  Applicants will need tools, but if you have been out of the game for a while we can help you get some.  You must be of good health and be prepared to submit to a medical.  No drivers licence or forklift licence required.


.Vehicle dismantlers wanted at Athol Park Wreckers Vehicle dismantlers wanted at Athol Park Wreckers Vehicle dismantlers wanted at Athol Park Wreckers


Why not give us a call or send your resume through to

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Athol Park Wreckers Christmas Holiday opening hours

Athol Park Wreckers would like to thank all our customers for an amazing 2023.  We wish you all a happy and safe Christmas and a wonderful new year.

Over the holiday period our opening hours are as follows


Friday 22nd of December 8.30-12.30 pm
Saturday 23rd of December 2023- Closed
Sunday 24th of December 2023-Closed
Monday 25th of December 2023- Closed
Tuesday 26th of December 2023-Closed
Wednesday 27th of December 2023 8.30am-5.00 pm
Thursday 28th of December 2023 8.30am-5.00 pm
Friday 29th of December 2023 8.30am-5.00 pm
Saturday 30th of December 2023 8.30-12.30 pm
Sunday 31st of December 2023- Closed
Monday 1st of January 2024-Closed
Tuesday 2nd of January 8.30am-5.00pm

Please stay safe on our roads over the Christmas period.

Vehicle dismantlers wanted at Athol Park Wreckers

At Athol Park Wreckers we are seeing an increased number of BA Falcon XR6 Turbo vehicle presenting with damaged conrods and catastrophic engine failure, It is easy to blame a tune or engine abuse but in a number of these cases we are finding that the evidence is not compatible with this hypothesis. Freeze Frame data is showing us that typically engine knock and failure is occurring at around 3000 RPM. And customers advise that the engine breaks down under load and typically sounds like a rev limiter is being hit at this speed. Investigations of the Powertrain control modules logged faults indicates that the a lean condition is being created in the cylinders and detonation is causing the failure.

On testing the wastegate accuator we have found two that have in stuck in the wastegate closed position and one that had a damaged diaphragm causing the wastegate to be stock closed, this has resulted in the engine maintaining full boost and the resulting catastrophic failure. Wastegate accuators have no failsafe mechanism and for a relatively inexpensive item can cause heavy expenses to the consumer.

At Athol Park Wreckers we can test drive your vehicle on a factory data logger and check the boost pressure ensuring it is as it should be standard factory boost appears to be around 5.569 psi in stock xr6t turbos and closer to 7 psi for BA FPV f6 Typhoon, the same rules will apply to later specification with varying amounts.

If you experience these faults, please contact us and bring your vehicle down to have the turbo boost pressure checked.

Happy Driving
Athol Park Wreckers

Did you know that at athol park wreckers SA’s premier ford wreckers, we offer a full engine performance conversion service for your BA BF or FG ford falcon. We can supply and install engine conversion in a range of vehicle with a range of transmission options auto or manual. We can also modify ecu software calibrations to assist in the fitting of conversions into other models. All our conversion kits come with our athol park wreckers technical support, access to wiring diagrams, workshop information and years of experience to help your install go as simply as possible.

We can also supply and fit manual conversion package and upgrade your vehicle to ZF auto. We can also tune your BF or FG ford falcon PCM to turbo and activate turbologic. This means you can keep you transmission in your vehicle and fit a turbo engine conversion without changing your transmission. All our engine conversions come with a warranty to factory tuning and road usage.

Contact us on, for q quote.

We also offer PCM modification via HP tuners software allowing us to smooth the way for your conversion into your vehicle. With access to Ford ids programming we can ensure the kit you have is preprogrammed for compatibility to ensure you dont waste any time in getting your pride and joy back onto the tarmac.

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